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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess A Review

The Legend of Zelda:
Twilight Princess
A Review

      Hey Guys it's GPS back here to give you guys a nice little review on a game called The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. The very deserving game that won the first place in my Top Ten List. So bear with me, as I review this legendary Wii title, and all the good and bad stuff about it.


    Let's not waste time, this game is awesome! Without a doubt a must have for every Wii owner. If I were to go into the bad things about this game, it would be the blurry background graphics in some sections, otherwise, it's a beautiful game and it has a ton of replay value, as you might find you'd want to play the game over and over, learning the hard way that the water temple is a b****. Like I said, let's not waste time and let's start with the story.


     If you want to talk about peaceful, Ordon Village is the place to be. There, our young hero, Link, has grown up and been raised to a semi-adult. He's learned how to wield a sword (sort of) He's also got a job at the ranch and is friends with all the kids in the town. One day, Link finishes off a hard day's work and is chillaxing with his "father-like" figure, Rusl. Rusl notices the sun set and begins to talk to Link about
the mysterious realm known as the twilight realm

King Bulbin in all his fat, ugly glory
  Link heads home after a long day working at the Ranch with Epona. Ilia, the nature lover that she is, notices Epona is injured, scolds both Link and her own father for carelessness, and then takes off with Epona to the Ordon Spring. With the help of Colin, the son of Rusl, Link is able to get to Ilia and apologize for being so careless. Unfortunately, this reunion is bittersweet, as moments later King Bulbin and his bulbin minions show up and knock Link unconscious and kidnap Ilia, Colin, and the rest of the children of Ordon Village. Link is dragged into a mysterious portal, and when he wakes up, he finds out he has become a wolf. Finding himself in prison, Link desperately tries to free himself from shackles that hold him down to the floor. Anyway, soon a mysterious Twili figure shows up and presents herself as Midna. After a few cynical remarks and criticizing Link for "not being fast enough," Midna decides to help Link and gets him out of Prison, after a few chance encounters (I don't want to spoil it for you guys) Link and Midna head out to find the dark power of the fused shadows from three temples. The beginning of the game is fairly simple enough, in regards to the story, but then after the final fused shadow is acquired, the story becomes much more deep, and involving. Anyway, you guys have to check it out, I can't ruin it for you. 

   So in regards to music, this game gets a perfect ten out of ten. It was so awesome, and every song fit every location you went in. When you play this game, turn the volume up on your TV, trust me, when you first hear the songs this game has to offer, tears of joy shall be shed from thy eyelids. Anyway onto the visuals. The only thing I don't like is that the background graphics are a little blurry. Other than that everything is beautiful! In a word, Awesome! The areas in this game are so breathtaking, that I find myself seeing something new, and something beautiful every time I play this game. And, I'm really not kidding, It's just so...[sniff] beautiful.

And to think, this was the one of the first games to come out on the Wii, if only they were all like this. It's not only great but it's also well done. There is a difference there, see, you'll find you can see places you've never been to before, and they can be dungeons that you haven't gotten to yet, or in one case, you can actually see the boss hovering over the boss chamber long before you actually enter the area. It's like an actual world. They pull out all the stops when they made this game, everything is connected like a living breathing world. I have nothing but praise for the visuals in this game (except for the blurry background)

A Mini Game in the game
A Golden Bug. A Side-quest game item
 Onto Controls and Gameplay. The controls are very fluid and extremely handy...handy that is, if you have enough batteries in the WiiMote. The Sensor Bar can also get kind of annoying when pointing to the screen, especially if the sensor bar is far away from you and it is being partially blocked by something, but hey every Wii game has that problem. They actually are nice controls, I love swinging the WiiMote and killing Baddies every time I see 'em. Ok, So back to game play

This game has much more than the awesome story. Side-quests and Mini-Games will take up a whole lot of your time. This is not to mention the Cave of Ordeals. The Side quests are fun, and definitely finish the game off nicely. In fact, what's a Zelda game without a Side Quest or two? So, between the Plot, the Visuals, and the amazing Music and gameplay. I'd give this game a 9/10, because it does have one or two faults with the Controls and Graphics. I love this game, and I can't wait to play through this game again via an LP. I definitely recommend this game to absolutely everyone, it's so beautiful. In fact, it's Awesome! A definite buy for every Wii owner, that just happens to want to try out Zelda games, or doesn't know what a Zelda game is, and also every Zelda Fan-boy and Fan-girl out there, you know who you are. So, I found this Awesome fanart, and I wanted to show it to you guys, check it out.


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