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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mobile Gaming Review: Tiny Wings FTW

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Tiny wings, what can I say about this game? When I play a game like this, all I can think is how ingenious, yet simple they are (angry birds, anyone?). Basically, you are a little bird, who for some reason can't fly, and for some OTHER reason, decides to go on a cross-island expedition, racing against the sun. The little guy seems to have a certain fondness for sun pieces and little blue nitro thingies. The goal? I have no idea. Maybe there's a worm at the end of the road:)

 You can view the game on iTunes here

Moving on to gameplay, all I can say is its exeptional. The controls are smooth, the concept is simple, and its challenging. The game is based on timing your dives so that you can ramp off the hills and gain altitude/distance. You also have to collect little sun pieces so you can keep the  sun from setting and gain extra points. Points are also awarded for launching smoothly from the hill, for air time, and other things. When the sun sets, your bird falls asleep and a high score screen pops up, with some stats.

Onward to the audio. The music in the game is pleasant, nothing extraordinary (not the impossible game caliber) but not bad either. The music definitley fits the gameplay, as do the sound-effects. The developer(s) definitely took their time to make sure the game was well balanced

The visuals in this game are again, simple, but they fit the gameplay and the audio seamlessly. The graphics remind me a little of Angry Birds as well. The camera zooms out after an altitude gain so you can navigate back to another hill. The sun also travels across the sky as the day is ending, changing the background colors. 

Definitley a game for you guys to check out, if you haven't already, you can get it on the Apple App store, exclusively, for $0.99. Unfortunatley the game is not available on Android or Windows 7 phones. But all in all, definitely a game worth checking out.

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