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Friday, April 8, 2011

Brink: The new first person shooter standard?

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So, many of you have probably seen the game Brink around on the web, gaming forums, YouTube, etc. to be simple, this game looks bad-ass. if Modern Warfare 2 and Team Fortress had a baby, it would be Brink.

The game has everything we could hope for (supposedly) in a FPS game. Intricate character customization, integrated Story/Online progression, detailed and complex maps, and most importantly exciting game-play. You can check out the official trailer here, or a Gamer Ally partial here.
    The game-play in Brink looks to be very similar to Call of Duty games, or KillZone, or any other of the popular  FPS games. You run around and shoot the enemy, plain and simple. But the team element and different class abilities add another level to the game. Each class has very specific abilities that can be used to aid the players team. If you don't play online though (the very few who don't) Brink also offers a very exciting and detailed story/campaign mode. and the best part, for us gamers who like to play both online and off, Brink allows weapon unlocks to be used both offline and online. this is an idea that excites me.

     Finally, I'd like to add that the graphics and character customization in Brink look to be some of the best I've seen. You can literally create a completely unique character and weapon set for him, by choosing from thousands (yes thousands) of customization options. Hopefully this game turns out to be as good as it looks.


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